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Many of the ski resorts of Korea are scattered throughout Gangwon-do Province, the region that gets the most annual snowfall. Most ski resorts are large leisure centers that stay open all year round, offering plush accommodations and amenities.  These facilities, despite their location outside the popular city of Seoul, Equipped with the latest facilities and offering an array of slopes (everything from bunny slopes toblack diamonds), attract thousands of tourists each year who have come to try their luck on the slopes and experience the magic of winter.

Of course, the most popular time to visit these kinds of resorts is during the peak ski season from mid-December to the end of February. these resorts have a littlesomething for everyone. A number of these great resorts are situated just outside the city limits, allowing for quick, convenient ski trips over the weekend. 
All of the resorts on our list offer both skiing and snowboarding, with new snowboarding facilities constantly being added to keep up with the increasing demand for the popular new sport. Skiing & boarding facilities at the resorts are usually open from mid-November/early December until March or April.

During this time, Korea’s ski resorts become the nation’s vacation hotspots.During this time, prices for accommodations go up and rooms fill up fast, so visitors who are unable to get lodging within the resort complexes are advised to check out hotels, motels, or pensions (inns) in the surrounding area. Attracting visitors from home and abroad to the pristine mountainsides for unforgettable wintertime fun, whether it be adrenaline-packedruns down the mountain, sledding with the kids, or long, luxurious soaks in slopeside hot tubs.



Elysian Ski Resort

The Closest Ski Resort from  Seoul

Elysian Gangchon is a deluxe leisure facility that is easily accessible from Seoul. Take the Gyeongchun Railway Line from Sangbong Station to Baegyang-ri (Elysian Gangchon) Station and you’ll find yourself walking through the doors of the resort in roughly an hour.

The ski resort has 6 lifts, snowboarding facilities, and 10 slopes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers. Channel Park (the main snowboarding area) is designed for beginner and intermediate riders. Winter sports enthusiasts who need a little extra help with their techniques can sign up for boarding or skiing lessons before striking out on their own.

One thing that sets this resort apart from others is the relatively open layout of the slopes (all of which are 1km in length). By skiing down the ridges, skiers are treated to a wide-open view of the beautiful scenery. The ski resort is typically open from December to March of each year.

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort http://www.elysian.co.kr


Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Snowboarder’s Heaven
Not only known for its 21 slopes—many with broad panoramic views—Phoenix Park has also gained attention nationwide for its Extreme Park: a snowboarding park complete with a halfpipe, tabletop, round quarter, and rails. Additional facilities include 8-person gondolas and a system of 8 lifts that are differentiated by slope difficulty.
Perched 700m up upon Mt. Taegisan (1,261 meters above sea level), Phoenix Park, though large, harmonizes well with the surrounding landscape without overpowering it. The beautiful natural scenery, perfect powder, and special facilities (like the mountaintop Mount Blanc restaurant) all make for a stellar skiing and/or snowboarding experience. In 2011, Phoenix Park continued to add to its facilities by completing competition venues for snow sports such as snowboarding and mogul skiing that will be used during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Phoenix Park    http://www.phoenixpark.co.kr


Daemyung Vivaldi Park

The Thrill of Nighttime Skiing
Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World was the first ski resort in Korea to offer nighttime skiing and as such, has become a favorite among young skiers in their teens and twenties. Even the slope names (Hip-Hop, Techno, Funky, etc.) are geared towards young adults. Some of the more advanced slopes are uniquely designed with unexpected twists and turns for maximum thrills.

For those who are new to winter sports, Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World provides the perfect setting to safely learn new skills, even offering skiing and snowboarding lessons (for a small fee). There are a variety of slopes with difference inclines and distances to give new snow sport enthusiasts the perfect chance to gradually work their way up from the bunny slopes to more advanced courses. In all, Daemyung offers a total of 13 different slopes and 10 lifts.

Daemyung Vivaldi Park  http://www.daemyungresort.com/vp/


High1  Ski Resort

Fantastic Natural Slopes
Located in one of the most pristine regions of Gangwon-do Province, High 1 Resort offers 18 fantastic slopes each beginning at one of three peaks. For beginners, there is a 4.2 kilometer-long gently-sloping course that starts from 1,345 meters above sea level. High 1 Resort also has two slopes that have been used for World Cup ski competitions and were host to the very first ‘Disabled Alpine Skiing World Cup.’

High 1 Resort offers state-of-the-art lift facilities, the nation’s first hands-free check zone, and an automatic reading system for lift passes. Nearby attractions include Kangwon Land (the only casino in the nation that is open to Koreans), a theme park, trekking routes, a sleigh ride, and a golf course.

High 1 Ski Resort  http://www.high1.com


Bears Town Resort

Located in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, Bears Town Resort is a great option for a one-day ski and snowboard trip since it’s only about 50 minutes away from Seoul. The resort offers a slope exclusively for expert skiers, two slopes for advanced skiers, two slopes for advanced/intermediate skiers, and three slopes for beginners. All slopes are open for snowboarding and there are 8 lifts, including one express lift. The resort is a popular family destination because of its long sledding hill measuring 400 meters in length.

Bears Town Resort  http://www.bearstown.com


Oak Valley Snow Park

Ski Resort in Nature
Adjacent to a forest of oak trees (from whence it gets its name), Oak Valley Snow Park is smaller than most other ski facilities in Korea. As a result, it offers a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and skiing slopes free from the usual crowds. The resort has 9 slopes (2 for beginners, 5 for intermediate, and 2 for advanced skiiers), and operates a high-speed lift for skiers to enjoy as many runs as possible during their visit.

Oak Valley Snow Park is one of the best parks for snowboarders because there are no crowds and plenty of space to try new maneuvers! The resort operates a ski and snowboarding school, as well as sleigh rides for beginners.

Oak Valley Snow Park  http://www.oakvalley.co.kr


O2 Resort: A Family Ski Adventure

O2 Resort is located in Taebaek, Gangwon-do Province, the first place the snow falls in the winter and the last place it melts in the spring. The resort has a total of 12 slopes of varying levels of difficulty. The easiest slope, which starts at 1,420 meters above sea level, is 3.2 kilometers long from top to bottom.

On another slope, skiers of all levels start together at the top, split into different courses depending on their skill levels, and meet again at the base. The Kids’ Park and sleigh rides make the resort a great family destination.

O2 Resort  http://www.o2resort.com


Konjiam Resort

Located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do Province, Konjiam Resort is the largest ski resort in the Seoul vicinity and is the first resort in Korea to limit its number of daily skiers (maximum: 7,000 skiers per day). The resort has a total of 11 slopes (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert) and even offers extras such as an arboretum, ecological river, and spa.

Konjiam SKI Resort  https://www.konjiamresort.co.kr


Star Hill Resort

Located in Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Star Hill Resort is 32 km away from Seoul (City Hall), making it possible for visitors to enjoy a full day of skiing without having to stay overnight. Each of the six slopes has its own exclusive lift, drastically cutting down on wait time. This small, cozy resort nestled in the foothills has well-developed facilities and a convenient location that has made it become increasingly popular among visitors from Seoul and the nearby metropolitan areas.

Star Hill  Ski Resort  http://www.starhillresort.com



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